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17 Dec, 2021 Posted by - Admin

Bitcoin mining is becoming more environmentally friendly

Bitcoin mining is becoming more sustainable thanks to things like hydro-cooling farms and associated petroleum gas — undermining environmental criticism.


BTC mining’s environmental impact has always been a controversial topic. On the one hand, critics emphasize that securing the Bitcoin network takes more power than some whole countries’ annual electricity consumption. On the other hand, much of the crypto community argues that it is a necessary activity that has enabled the Bitcoin blockchain to remain extremely resilient against external attacks with an almost 99.99% uptime throughout over 14 years of its history.

Bitcoin mining doesn’t deserve its bad reputation

Before going over the benefits themselves, it’s essential to first get some facts straight about Bitcoin mining. With comparisons to nations’ energy consumption and estimates that a single BTC transaction has a carbon footprint of nearly 820,000 Visa transactions, it should be highlighted that this activity doesn’t actually produce any emissions.

Instead, this “dirty work” is done by the power plants that supply the electricity to the mining rigs. Similarly to households or other business entities, miners only use the electrical infrastructure that exists in any given location.. 

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